Live music in Berlin

A live band from Berlin introduces itself.

Rapid Whisky Train presents guitar rock at its best. The rock classics come from the stage to a loyal audience. Whether at the festival or in the cozy atmosphere of small clubs and bars, a great live music performance is certain.

Diverse experiences have shaped this group. The story began about 49 years ago. Founded in 1972 as a school band, the repertoire has been expanded continuously. Half of the musicians at Rapid Whisky Train can already look back on a long lasting band experience, only interrupted by stage absence between 1976 and 2017. Nevertheless the close friends and guitarists continued to play music, more on smaller scale occasions.
But … no trace of old men! Because passion and lived love for music is still convincing. It is also noticeable in their ensemble playing that they have been interacting for nearly 50 years and understand each other almost blindly.
In addition, after the reunion in 2008, the music group was enriched by young men on drums and bass. With that the rock band in the classic line-up was complete, drums, two guitars, bass.

So appearances began again, e.g. 2017 and 2018 at “Nicht Drängeln!” in the ORWO house. Further gigs followed in the area around Berlin, for example in Schwarzheide. In September 2019 they also performed in the Kreuzberg Junction Bar, well-known in the scene.

A saxophonist has been on board since summer 2020. He gives a special touch to some of the songs of Rapid Whisky Train.

The set list offers a mix of hits and songs of classic rock. So from the Rolling Stones, CCR, Neil Young, the Animals, to the Foo Fighters and Oasis. In addition, of course the own creations are always presented live.

But Rapid Whisky Train is not only to be experienced live.

In addition to live music, also with recordings from Berlin.

In the meantime there are also studio recordings of their own songs “Isle of Skye” and “Kino Kino”. The full guitar sound can be heard here. Furthermore there was a live recording of “Mojito” that was made in the Junction Bar in 2019. (This can be watched on YouTube.)

The currently new available song is the “Corona Blues“. This deals with the unpleasant situation of that time. And some more songs are being created yet.

Contact us. Let yourself be thrilled and share the enthusiasm for music!.

Interview from January 2021 on the Rock Radio:


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“Sad Sad Eyes” – Rapid Whisky Train – YouTube

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“Mojito” – Rapid Whisky Train – YouTube